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Spheres of power metamagic

Oh, I forgot metamagic. So, I made a mistake in that last paragraph. Fireball tops out at 10d6, unless you use the Intensify Spell metamagic feat. ... Staying within Spheres of Power, what can we do to boost the damage? Well, Spherecasters have magic staves like martials have magic weapons. So we'll get a +1 to the Destruction Sphere that way.

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This power extends to a 10-foot radius and includes lasting effects such as wall of fire but excludes instantaneous effects such as fireball, meteor swarm, and flame strike. Caster Level: 14th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, ice storm, dispel magic, protection from elements; Market Price: 49,350 gp; Cost to Create: 24,850 gp + 1,960 XP.

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Touch the world map to scroll around the world. Use this to view friendly spheres (blue), neutral spheres (green) and enemy spheres (red) When your target cursor enters a sphere, details of.

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You can channel the power of your bardic music into ... Complete Adventurer: Metamagic Song: You can channel the power of your bardic music into ... Races of Stone: ... Races of Stone: Music of the Outer Spheres: You can use your bardic music to create discordant, insane ... Lords of Madness: Sound of Silence : You can channel the power of your.

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- Elemental Focus (Core Rule Book 122): Choose an energy type. All spells of that energy descriptor you cast gain +1 to their save DCs. - Greater Elemental Focus (Advanced Player's Guide): Same as Greater Spell Focus, but for your Elemental Focus. - Spell Perfection (Advanced Player's Guide): This one is a doozy requiring 15 ranks of Spellcraft and at least 3 metamagic feats.

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